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Cinamon Bailey

Graduate Student Researcher

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Cinamon is a doctoral student and Graduate Research Assistant in the Learning Sciences' program at Clemson University, College of Education, with an emphasis on digital technology and learning. She has engaged in educational research involving both youth and adults in the areas of computational thinking, computer science (CS) practices, coding bootcamps, adaptive expertise, critical machine learning, social media, technologies, language learning, and program and curricula design. Her dissertation interests and research goals center on how digital technologies/digital learning, specifically augmented reality, can contribute to adult second language learning. Prior to starting her doctoral studies, Cinamon received a B.S in Psychology at the College of Charleston (1997), a Masters in Social Work at the University of SC (1999), and a Masters in Education in Language at the College of Charleston (2019). Cinamon’s future research goals focus on using technology to immerse, connect, and support learners while empowering equity in education. Cinamon’s research publications can be viewed here.